New Device Announcements from Microsoft

Microsoft announced a number of new devices today, and here are some of the highlights…devicehead

Lumia 950 on Windows Phone 10

Here at RWA, we’ve spent many years supporting and dealing with Blackberry in the Enterprise, and many of our staffers now see Windows Phone and Exchange as the best mobile secure messaging platform.  Microsoft went a step further with today’s event and produced a compelling Continuum demo on the Lumia 950 XL. Universal apps with the common Windows Phone experience were shown on the main phone screen, while those same apps on the same phone featured a desktop experience through an attached keyboard and monitor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

After a weak start several years ago with the initial release of Microsoft Surface, the Surface Pro 3 has a strong following in enterprise space – over 97% of Surface Pro 3 customers would recommend it to others. Combined with Windows Phone, we expect that these devices will transform the ways computers are used to gather and display information for our medical clients. The new version introduced today is rather impressive, and would have been considered their flagship offering if not for the …

Microsoft Surface Book

This is the Microsoft Laptop, featuring 12 hours of battery life, detachable 13″ tablet screen, and an innovative latching mechanism. RWA believes that all 3 of these products are the strongest devices we’ve ever seen from Microsoft, and could change and improve the way our customers do business – especially with Enterprise Data Protection coming to Windows 10 next year.

As impressive as these new devices are,  your business needs a partner to manage network security and assist in the migration from older or non-Microsoft platforms to a modern, secure environment. RWA is an official Microsoft Partner, and we are prepared to support you now and into the future.

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