Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has recently released a major update to Windows 10. We don’t expect any major shakeups of Windows from here on out, but here’s a quick overview of the changes.

New Start Menunewstart

For families that don’t use portraits on their multi-user PCs, you can find the Switch User and Lock options under the “user” icon, shown above.

Dark Modedark

For people who spend long stretches of time looking at the screen, Dark Mode provides an experience across UWP reduces strain on the eyes. If you’re using classic desktop applications or using the PC less than an hour before you intend to sleep, we still recommend glasses that filter blue light, or color-adjusting tools such as f.lux. When using dark mode in a dark room, we also installing a bias kit lighting behind your monitor.

Edge Extensionsedgeextensions

Add-ons finally arrive in Microsoft Edge. Unlike classic plug-ins that introduced over a decade of vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, you will need to visit the Microsoft Store in order to install approved extension, or system administrators will need to approve extensions before they can be installed on company machines.

Windows Ink

Pen support has been expanded to make it easier to capture handwritten notes, integrate with Cortana, and produce free-hand sketches.

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