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Moving Beyond Passwords

We’re not going to get political here… but when the elected leader of the free world speaks out against the very concept of maintaining passwords, you know that they’re on the way out. [Read President Obama’s OP-ED at the Wall Street Journal.] Nobody likes passwords. They’re needlessly complex, you have to change them once every few months, and […]

New “Trusted Information” Scams

The internet and low-cost international support providers are enabling a new generation of cyber scammers and hackers. For the past few years, many offshore factories have been running night shift runs of popular products, introducing unofficial clones and knockoffs that are identical to the officially branded goods. Manufacturing firms have simply been unable to control outsourced staff […]

Getting Rid of Complex Passwords

If you’ve ever thought that modern password requirements were needlessly complex and even less secure than coming up with your own passwords, then you’re in good company. NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, released a preview of their new digital authentication guidelines, and you can expect these recommendations to filter down to websites […]

What’s New in Windows 10

When Windows 10 arrived 12 weeks ago, many Microsoft customers were excited, but more than a few were confused about what to expect. We hope this blog post will help ease concerns for those who haven’t upgraded yet, and explain some of the changes for the more than 10 million people who’ve already upgraded. Upgrading […]

New Device Announcements from Microsoft

Microsoft announced a number of new devices today, and here are some of the highlights… Lumia 950 on Windows Phone 10 Here at RWA, we’ve spent many years supporting and dealing with Blackberry in the Enterprise, and many of our staffers now see Windows Phone and Exchange as the best mobile secure messaging platform.  Microsoft went a step further with today’s event and produced a compelling Continuum demo on […]

WiFi Sense

Among numerous new features, Windows 10 will bring a significant change to traditional WiFi connectivity. Rather than relying on publicly posted passwords, WiFi Sense connects you to a network of millions of Wireless Access Points distributed all over the world. This new feature is enabled by default during setup. Once WiFi Sense connects to your social […]

Microsoft Server 2003 End Of Life

What does end of support mean for you? After July 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003 . . . that is only one week away!!!  Once support ends, your organization will almost certainly fail to meet industry wide compliance standards. Regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX […]

Windows 10 – The next generation

(Wait, what happened to Windows 9?!)     Recently Microsoft launched the Enterprise Technical Preview of Windows 10. This will be the direct successor to Windows 8, with an estimated formal release in late Q2 2015. Microsoft reportedly skipped the “Windows 9” name to underscore the new direction it is taking with its multi-platform OS […]

The Densest Digits

Higher Capacities And Lower Pricing – A Boon for Data Storage     With new tech, hard drive capacities are increasing and storage costs are lowering. Both Toshiba’s 5TB and HGST’s 6TB hard drives had a limited market release in February 2014. Since then more manufacturers introduced similar products leading to a welcomed downward shift […]

Tubular Totality

Underwater fibre optic cables currently carry approximately 99% of global telecommunications and data traffic. In addition to Internet services, many important things in our lives such as food, clothing, electronics, news, transportation, health care, banking and global commerce are directly or indirectly made possible by this technology. Continual advances in data compression and transmission techniques ensure […]