Detecting Foreign and Domestic Invasions

At the risk of sounding alarmist, our typical duties and responsibilities as a Managed Service Provider involves analyzing connection and activity logs and – sometimes – blocking potentially unwanted activity.

A few of our customers still use passwords instead of Multi-Factor Authentication. If that customer only operates in Denton from 7AM to 6PM, then it’s a pretty safe bet that midnight “Login Failures” from Virginia, Oregon, or even China are attempts to break into protected services. Thanks to a mix of new auditing tools, not only can we investigate specific login attempts, we can also research unusual activity from suspicious users and guests in the cloud.

RWA technicians can not only keep an eye on your services, but decode the relatively esoteric results you get from an audit sweep. One of our recent adventures involved investigating rule changes in Outlook – an approved piece of software changed inbox rules to redirect new mail to the MSN Communicator folder. It’s the sort of change that only makes sense if you remember the state of technology from 12 years ago, and RWA technicians can help walk you through the implications of detected activity.

Unfortunately, the cybersecurity landscape only seems to get more challenging with each year, but RWA is here to help. Contact us if you need help with any cybersecurity concerns or questions.