Improved Accessibility in Windows 11

As technology platforms stabilize after decades of constant, compatibility-breaking evolution, one fortunate result is the development and adoption of new accessibility technologies. One prominent example has been Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, configurable set of devices explicitly designed to expand and help meet the needs of gamers with mobility and disability issues.

The Adaptive Controller has been a fantastic platform to test and develop new features for the broader global community that uses Windows in business. When your business combine these features in Windows 11 with best-in-class on-premises and cloud support from Ronald Walker Associates, you’ll be better able to incorporate contributions from across your entire organization.

Windows Voice Typing

One notable advancement uses artificial intelligence to recognize speech, transcribe, and automatically punctuate. Windows Voice Typing can provide substantial assistance to people with chronic pain, severe arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, cerebral palsy, and mobility related disabilities. It can also be used to assist language learners in gaining English proficiency.

Multi-Platform Accessbility

Windows 11 includes a Linux subsystem and will also start supporting Android applications. Accessibility features in Windows 11 will now work closely with these non-native apps, and also provide significantly better support across a number of virtualization platforms.

New Control Panel and More

For additional information, visit the Windows 11 blog.