Keeping Up With Supported Versions of Windows Desktop and Server

Windows 10 End Of Life Approaching 

It’s been a solid run, and Windows 10 actually shared most of the hardware requirements of Windows Vista and Windows 7… However, going forward, Microsoft requires encryption hardware such as TPM modules and embedded security to run Windows 11 and beyond. This will ensure that content that needs to be secure stays secure, and that attackers won’t be able to replace or modify core modules of the operating system.

You’ll need to replace all of your Windows 10 computers by October 14th, 2025.

Seems like only yesterday…

Windows Server 2012 (LTSC) End Of Life Approaching

We’re seeing far more old servers around the DFW area than we’d like. Many of them no longer receive security updates, and a popular edition of Windows Server will join this list on October 10th, 2023.

New attacks targeting unsupported servers emerge every day, while foreign governments and unscrupulous corporations are quickly outpacing independent hackers as your largest threats. 

If you are unsure about the support status of workstations currently connected to your network, please contact RWA today for a network assessment. We will scan your server and all other devices for non-compliant software and equipment, then put together a plan to bring everything up to date.