New Features in Windows 10 Creators Update

The latest major upgrade for Windows 10 is now available for installation. Aside from the usual performance and ease-of-use improvements, there’s a collection of new features targeted at tablet and pen users, as well as three everyday enhancements we’d like to highlight.

Pictured: Microsoft Wallet improvements

Night Light

At the end of the day, your brain responds to the lack of blue light in the sky by releasing melatonin as a precursor to sleep. Light from computer screens and phones can interfere with this process, so Microsoft is including Night Light with this release, giving you the option to limit blue light exposure from your screen at night.

Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock  allows you to automatically lock a Windows 10 PC when you step away from it. The most common use case involves pairing of Bluetooth devices such as phone or fitness trackers.


Movies and TV shows no longer have to be manually resized for viewing alongside your application windows. Dynamic picture-in-picture will automatically help you multitask without video getting in the way, though initial app support for this feature is limited.