Managed Services vs. Break-Fix

The Difference Between Managed Services and Break/Fix

When it comes to IT support, there are two main schools of thought. You wait for things to break, and then subsequently fix them – a service model known as “break/fix”.

With managed services, you employ the services of a managed service provider who watches over your IT infrastructure for you. They actively maintain and monitor your devices and software before they break.

There are several differences between the two styles. Wondering which one is the right one for you? Let’s go over what they can do for you.

The Break/Fix Method

There’s not much to misconstrue when it comes to break/fix because it works exactly as the name implies. When something in your IT infrastructure malfunctions, it’s up to you to contact your service provider. From there, they must then fix the problem while you wait.

Break/fix was the old way of doing things.

Back in the early days of IT, most businesses simply didn’t have a need for constant support because they didn’t have that much that could break. Obviously, that has dramatically changed. However, some companies still insist on the tried-and-true method – mostly because they’re too stubborn to change.

Choose Break/Fix if:

  • You have plenty of money to spare on expensive issues
  • You don’t really have any technology in your office that needs maintenance
  • You are okay with suffering from downtime, whenever it strikes
  • You have a full team of IT experts on-site that can fix issues as they arise
  • You can wait around for technicians to troubleshoot and then resolve whatever issues arise

The Managed Services Model

When your IT infrastructure is actively monitored 24/7, there’s not much that can go wrong. Anything that does go wrong is quickly dealt with. Rather than being reactive, like break/fix service, managed services chooses to go about a proactive service model.

With the rise in usage of various devices, multiple specialized programs, and a generally more advanced IT infrastructure, managed services have become far more popular than break/fix. Forbes highlighted four ways managed services transform small and medium-sized businesses: “improved operational performance, reduced operational risk, cost avoidance and accelerated innovation.”

Managed services are more reliable and cost less as a whole, providing a win-win for both modern businesses and managed service providers.

Choose Managed Services if:

  • You want set, flat, agreed-upon fees that occur on a regular monthly basis
  • You want access to experienced technicians around the clock
  • You want to outsource your IT department to save money (or even keep your IT department, but supplement them with managed service technicians)
  • You have guaranteed system uptime backed by a binding SLA
  • You want a constant sense of stability for your organization’s IT infrastructure

Managed Services for the Future

When stacked against one another, the victor is in plain sight. Break/fix approaches are simply not fit for the modern technological environments of most businesses. With managed services, companies can get the ongoing maintenance and support they need at an overall lesser price.

The IT partner you choose to work with is just as important.

At RWA, we’re ready to show you how much better managed services can be. We’ve got a staff with plenty of industry experience and IT know-how, and we want to use it to help your organization. Learn more about us by visiting our website. Or if you’d like to see how we can start working together now, reach out to us today.