IT Support provided by a few team members.

Who Provides IT Support for Your Business When Your IT Guy Is on Vacation?

It’s 9:30 in the morning and your computer is already giving you trouble. Unfortunately, your trusty IT guy left yesterday for his Alaskan cruise – and there’s no WiFi on the ship.

What do you do now?

If you have nobody else to turn to, you are completely on your own. However, there’s a much smarter IT support option for you and your company.

A skilled managed service provider.

A managed service provider can give your organization the IT support that it needs, with several major benefits. Let’s take a look at exactly what these benefits are and how they affect your business.

Cost savings.

It may be surprising to learn that having outsourced IT can save your company a lot of money. Outsourced IT support technicians don’t require individual salaries, benefits, or holidays. They also skip any training costs, which can be very expensive.

How it benefits you:

Hiring a managed service provider for IT support gives you the power to leverage IT experts for a fraction of the price of actually hiring them. You’ll receive higher quality IT support, and you can use the money you save to invest in parts of your business that are more growth-oriented.

Around-the-clock support.

Much like the scenario listed at the beginning of this post, you may run into this problem with in-house IT support. With a managed service provider, you have a guarantee that IT support is available to you at any time that you require it.

Why it matters to you:

Having IT support at any time means that you and your employees gain more control over both your company and your work. Now you’re free to work at any time without fear of being stopped by after-hour errors. With a managed service provider, you can improve your organization’s productivity and gain peace of mind knowing you have IT support whenever you need it.

Always compliant.

Compliance is a big issue in the world of business. Keeping policies current with changing regulations is the number one challenge for 47% of organizations. A skilled managed services provider will follow a strict set of guidelines to keep your IT compliant and in line with recent regulation changes.

What it means for you:

Not following compliance rules can lead to costly fines and lawsuits. With a managed service provider, the burden is lifted off of you. You can focus on growing your business and doing what is important to you.

Finding the perfect IT support for you.

Locating the best-managed service provider to meet your needs can be difficult. You’ll need to find one that is knowledgeable, experienced, and honest.

Your managed service provider should never attempt to oversell solutions you don’t need just for the sake of selling technology. They should also have a track record of under-promising and over-delivering – on time and on budget.

RWA is that kind of managed service provider. Working with us will guarantee the best IT support possible, while giving you all of the benefits that come with a great IT partner. Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your company and better your IT infrastructure as a whole.