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6 top HIPAA compliance myths and the truth

One of the biggest potential challenges when it comes to medical IT is HIPAA compliance. It’s true that HIPAA is a serious matter that has to be handled with care. But don’t let concerns about HIPAA scare you away. Here are 6 common HIPAA myths and the truth behind them.

HIPAA security rule: Your guide to technical safeguards

HIPAA technical safeguards might sound complicated, but they serve a purpose: To safeguard patient information and prevent cybercriminals from accessing your systems. Confused by HIPAA compliance? Read the four tips on this list and improve your security credentials instantly.

Your SMB’s 5-part checklist to the latest technology

The latest technology will help you grow your business so you can drive revenue, attract new leads, engage with existing customers and improve workflows. This five-part checklist features must-have tech like live chat software and collaborative tools that you need to incorporate into your business this year.

HIPAA Security Rule: Your Guide to Administrative Safeguards

Are you HIPAA compliant? Following HIPAA administrative safeguards will enhance security in your organization and minimize the risk of hackers stealing valuable personal information from your patients. Here are three things you need to know about these security rules and why you should invest in a managed service provider in Texas.

The online guide to effective disaster recovery

Data backup and disaster recovery become more and more critical issues for businesses to address every year. Whether it’s mother nature’s violent unpredictability or hackers and malware attempting to harvest your business data, there are more threats than ever before. It pays to be prepared..