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E-mail Protection Systems

This article is part of RWA’s series on the 10 Best Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices.Learn more at HHS 405(d) HICP website. The two most common phishing methods occur through e-mail access. Credential Theft – An attacker attempts to trick targets into providing access through received e-mail.                 Typically, this takes the form of links in […]

Getting Ready for Enterprise Data Protection

This past week, we learned of the most notable Supreme Court information leak in history. While we are going to steer clear of the political ramifications about the pending ruling, we have to ask… Could the document leak have been prevented with modern technology? A decade ago, probably not. Today… there’s not much of an […]

How to send a HIPAA compliant email

HIPAA sets the standard for protecting sensitive data. All businesses dealing with protected health information (PHI) are required to make sure that physical, network, and administrative security measures are kept in compliance. Learn what standards have to be met for sending HIPAA compliant email.

Detecting Foreign and Domestic Invasions

At the risk of sounding alarmist, our typical duties and responsibilities as a Managed Service Provider involves analyzing connection and activity logs and – sometimes – blocking potentially unwanted activity. A few of our customers still use passwords instead of Multi-Factor Authentication. If that customer only operates in Denton from 7AM to 6PM, then it’s […]

Annual maintenance tips for PCs in the home and office.

The last few years have been crazy – and there’s no real end in sight. Most computers built before 2018 will need to be replaced by 2025 in order to receive support through Windows 11, but selection and options on store shelves are at an all time low. Until you’re ready to make your next […]

Year-End Checklist: Licenses and Employee Permissions

It’s that time of year again! Make sure you’re not spending money on unnecessary licenses, and ensure that all of your employees only have access to data they need. A variety of new cloud products are available to fit your workforce better than ever before. Frontline and outside sales workers can collaborate with the rest […]

Windows 10 End-of-Support: October 14th, 2025

Several months ago, Microsoft announced the planed end-of-support date for Windows 10. When Microsoft originally announced their plans to end support for Windows 7, most computers that supported Windows Vista and Windows 7 could also be upgraded to Windows 10. However, with Windows 11, Microsoft now has new hardware requirements that support Zero Trust networking […]

Security Improvements in Windows 11

Microsoft’s newest operating system only runs on new computers, typically those built on or after 2019. The core reason for this is simple: Windows 11 provides a full slate of new security features that protects your data and business from the rapidly escalating danger posed by cyberattacks. Traditionally, Windows has been a general purpose operating […]

Windows 11 Arrives October 5th

Over the next few weeks, RWA will provide a preview of new features, security improvements, and more in Microsoft’s latest upgrade to the Windows operating system. If you’re interested in Windows 11 and would like to know if your computers are ready to support it, please reach out and schedule a complimentary Network Assessment today. […]

Keeping Up With Supported Versions of Windows Desktop and Server

Windows 10 End Of Life Approaching  It’s been a solid run, and Windows 10 actually shared most of the hardware requirements of Windows Vista and Windows 7… However, going forward, Microsoft requires encryption hardware such as TPM modules and embedded security to run Windows 11 and beyond. This will ensure that content that needs to […]